How to fix qgrid in Jupyter Lab — Error displaying widget: model not found

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Many qgrid fans may have encountered the following error when upgrading JupyerLab to 1.0 or higher:

Error displaying widget: model not found

No widget … that’s annoying.

Now, there is already a PR on the official qgrid github repo that fixes the issue, but it hasn’t been accepted yet. In order to support those of you who want to have any easy way of installing the Jupyter Lab extension for qgrid, we published a working JS version for qgrid 1.1.1 and Jupyter Lab 1.0+ on npm.

Installing the extension takes one line of code

All you have to do is type the following:

jupyter labextension install @8080labs/qgrid

If you want to directly try out the fix yourself without installing it on your system first, you can check out the binder demo we have created.

We hope that you can now continue to explore your data with qgrid or build great apps on top of it. If you want to see what we built on top of qgrid, you can have a look at bamboolib.

Happy data exploring!

About Tobias

I am the co-creator of bamboolib. I am always looking for ways to make Python data scientists more productive, so that they have more time for the things they love - be it data insights, building fancy ML models, or simply spending more time with friends & family. I love food, music, hiking and spirited discussions.


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